Cracking a Windows 7 Password

How to crack Win 7 password?

The tricks here is to using sethc, the Sticky Keys Program.

On Windows 7, while we do login there is a way to launch Sticky Keys by repeating press SHIFT 5x or more.

Why don't we replace this Sticky Keys/sethc with other program such as, cmd. :)

So, at start up login we can open command prompt, do password reset for spesific account.. haha :D

Things you need to do:
- Replace the sethc with cmd at windows system32 folder
- After you success open command prompt at start up change spesific user pass;

net user [user_name] *



How to set Auto Logon for Domain Computer

- Open the registry editor (regedit)

- Navigiate to,
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

Edit registry values for;

AutoAdminLogon - Set value to 1
DefaultDomainName - Set the value to your domain name
DefaultUserName - Set value to the username that will be use as auto login.
DefaultPassword - Set the value to the user account password.

Taking Ownership of a File or Folder using Windows Command Line

Take owner of a file
takeown /F

Take owner of folder and subfolder, with YES as default answer when it get prompt
takeown /f /r /d y

/r to do it recursively

takeown /?